The SALTED FISH INDUSTRY 'DHMHTRIOS FILARETOS AND CO.' is a dynamic and continuously growing company that makes salted fish, fillets and smoked fish in different packages. Founded in 1966 by Athanasios Filaretos under the name LIDO, has managed to export to Italy, America, Cyprus, Belgium, Australia and Canada having an excellent cooperation with customers. In new facilities is located since 1980. In 2006 Athanasios Filaretos transferred Dimitrius and Eustace Filaretos the Company possessing each of 50% of the shares. Also, the company name changed to 'DHMHTRIOS FILARETOS AND CO.'.

The Company is headquartered in Asminio Istieas Evia (district Kefales) and employs about 15 staff. A purely Greek company that holds deservedly a good market share in the manufacture of salted fillets and smoked fish. The Company currently provides for consumption a large variety of standard salted fish of distinct taste and superior quality.

The company has basic activity processing and marketing salted fish. The species of fish that processes are anchovies, sardines, mackerel, herring and Tuna. Also standardizes goods on behalf of third parties (under contract).

The Company believes that success comes from the combination of three key elements:
• The selection of superior quality raw materials,
• The profound knowledge of traditional skills and
• The modern technological methods and packaging equipment used and constantly renews.

The company's philosophy is based on consistent taste and pure quality. Combining  the harmonious implement of modern technologies and traditional techniques, aims to continued growth and entering new markets. The company in addition to placing products on the Greek market, owns a significant share of Greek exports of salted fish products.

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Dimitrios Filaretos & sia inc.
Αsminio -Ιstieas Evia
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